From a complete blank slate to just the final touches, the scope of our work together is defined by your unique needs. Below are a few of the services that we offer our clients.

IN-HOME CONSULTATION. If all you need is a touch of guidance to help spur new ideas and set you off on the right track, we offer an in-home consultation program through our retail shop. This 90-minute consultation can be spent covering one room or several, depending on the complexities of your space and the scope of the design changes you hope to make. Together we can explore paint colors, discuss the optimal furniture layout, consider creative ways to incorporate storage, or we can simply offer advice on how to make your space feel more beautiful.

In-Home Consultation clients are entitled to 15% off purchases made in the shop (including special order furniture) within 30 days following their consultation and 10% off items purchased within 90 days. A customized shopping list including items available through the shop or from other retail sources can be made for you for an additional fee, quoted on an as-needed basis. Our standard consultation fee is $500. At present, we are on a brief hiatus from offering in-home consultations but plan to offer this service again beginning in the fall of 2021.

REMODELS. Perhaps you’ve got the style and taste to design much of your home but are just a tad intimated by tackling a bath or kitchen update (or gut job!) without some professional guidance. In such cases, we are ready to jump in and help guide you through the process. From ordering plumbing fixtures and tile to coordinating with architects, contractors and their subs, we take on the hassle while you get to focus on the fun stuff.

MOVE-IN PREP. If you’ve ever found yourself preparing to occupy a newly-purchased home, you know that things can move fast! Often, you’re selecting paint colors for ten different rooms (and trim!), swapping light fixtures, refinishing floors, and making minor adjustments to the bones of your new space, all within the span of a few weeks. If you need someone to assist in the decision-making and coordination of trades to get the job done, we’re up for the task. In these instances, we will come to your current home to get a sense of your style and to catalogue your existing furnishings. From there, we will develop a plan for and coordinate any minor updates to your new home, which might include paint, wallpaper, light fixtures, and window coverings. We can move on to furniture layouts and even take it as far as full-service design for one of more rooms, depending on your needs and budget.

FULL-SERVICE DESIGN. Sometimes, a room just needs a refresh! In those instances, we are happy to help reimagine your space. Using some exisiting or all new furniture and decor, we can transform any space to fit your desired purpose and aesthetic. Together, we will develop a room layout and carefully consider each element, from lighting and wall color to art and other decor. As part of our services, we will order and install the new elements for your room and manage any tradespersons needed to get the job done.

Our services are offered at an hourly rate of $150/hour for our principal designer and $110/hour for our associate designers. At this time, we are only accepting projects with a minimum commitment of 100 hours.