Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for my space to be finished?
The length of time it will take to plan and execute a design for your space will depend greatly on the size and scope of the project, the pace of your decision-making, and the specific products we select for your home. On average, a room that does not require major construction elements will take six to nine months from start to finish.

What can I expect to pay in design fees to work with you on my project?
On average, we will spend 100 hours to design a room top to bottom. If there is construction involved (particularly in a kitchen or bathroom), more time might be required. Another factor in this equation is how easily you make decisions (and if you stick to them).

How much should I budget for my project?
It usually costs 10-20% of the value of a home to furnish it completely. You can apply this metric to the square footage you are planning to redecorate to understand what you might need to spend to achieve a finished look. If you are planning a remodel, costs can vary greatly depending on the room you are tackling and the extent of the project.

I’m planning a remodel. Do I also need to find a contractor? An architect?
We love remodels and have lots of experience managing many of the details but it’s always a good idea to consult an architect and hire a licensed and bonded general contractor for the job. We have a handful of each with whom we like to collaborate and are more than happy to help assemble your dream team.

How does purchasing products through you work?
Items we’ve recommended that you are strongly considering for your space will be presented in a proposal for your final approval. Through our online client portal, you will be able to approve and pay for items you’d like to purchase. The prices included in the proposal will reflect the most recent information we have available regarding product costs and estimated shipping. Any overpayments will be credited back to you and any cost increases will be reflected in an updated product invoice.

Where can I see the products you are specifying in person?
We largely rely on trade-only vendors for the products we specify because the quality of the product for the cost is almost always far superior to what is available through retail-only stores. The downside of purchasing through trade sources is that not all products are available for clients to view in person prior to purchasing. In such cases, we attempt to recommend products that we have seen with our own eyes at industry tradeshows or products from manufacturers with whom we regularly work so that we are familiar with their quality. At very least, we strive to make finish samples for the products we specify available to you.

What can I expect to pay for shipping and delivery of my items?
Despite the proliferation of “free shipping” offers from online retailers, moving large, valuable products across the state or country is most certainly not free! Rather than inflate the cost of the products we are specifying to cover freight costs, we present these costs as separate line items in your invoices. On average, shipping costs run 10-20% of the cost of the item. For most pieces of furniture, we also require white glove delivery of the product to ensure that it is installed and assembled correctly and without damage. Where possible, we will group our deliveries to your home to keep costs down, but the cost per item can run from $50 to $350 dollars for this service.

How you handle the finishing touches such as art and accessories?
It is always our preference to” design to completion,” which means all of the needed accessories, art, throws, and pillows will be collected to finish off your space. For accessories and some artwork, we will install items in your space and you will be given a few days to shop the room while you decide what to keep. For gallery-quality original artwork, we partner with local galleries to set up viewings either in their space or yours to select the perfect pieces to complement the room and appeal to your personal taste.